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Metamorfosa Journal (e-ISSN 2502-6995 and p-ISSN 2338-0306) is a periodic scientific publication intended for lecturers, students and educational observers to disseminate the results of studies, thoughts and research that are relevant in the fields of language, Indonesian literature and regions. Every visitor to this site can browse abstracts, read journal contents and download PDF files.

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Vol 8, No 1 (2020)

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Nur Amalia, Nur Aini Puspita Sari, Rida Tania Noviani
Abstract views: 134   PDF views: 58
Iba Harliyana, Ayu Shella
Abstract views: 22   PDF views: 510
Harfiandi Harfiandi
Abstract views: 38   PDF views: 11
Rifari Baron
Abstract views: 169   PDF views: 617
Al Ashadi Alimin, Hariyadi Hariyadi
Abstract views: 148   PDF views: 39
Euis Meinawati, Inge Dwiana Haryati, Meiva Eka Sri Sulistyawati, Viviana Lisma Lestari, Syukri Ghozali
Abstract views: 44   PDF views: 9
Muhammad Zikri Wiguna
Abstract views: 35   PDF views: 15
Rahmad Nuthihar, Mursyidin Mursyidin, Wahdaniah Wahdaniah
Abstract views: 776   Untitled views: 72
Ismawirna Ismawirna, Erfinawati Erfinawati, Ahmad Rocki
Abstract views: 33   PDF views: 74
Rika Kustina
Abstract views: 94   PDF views: 615
Teuku Mahmud
Abstract views: 29   PDF views: 17
Wahidah Nasution
Abstract views: 37   PDF views: 27